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We are Designing a New Platform for Connecting Local Talent & Venues & Fans

For the an Awesome Experience - Every Time!

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We are Creating Awesome Experiences for Fans 

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Get the crew together!

What will make LMS different?

LMS is for the entire Local Music Scene.  In other words for Local Venues, Local Musicians, and Local Fans with tools and incentives for active and total participation from all 3 groups.  Not just a few Venues, a few Bands and Musicians, and a few Fans, but everyone!

LMS is not competing with the touring and recording level services like BandsInTown, Gigmor, Reverb Nation, and the like.  We are providing services for the Local Scene.  Cover Musicians and Local Original Musicians playing at the Local Bar or Restaurant.  We like to think of it as a symbiotic relationship with those others.  Nothing would make us prouder than for some of our Local Musicians to transition to the Touring and Recording level.

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What will LMS do for Venues?

Most Local Venues don't have resources dedicated to managing their Live Music.  A Venue need to know that the Band or Musician that they hire will bring a solid return on the investment and effort of hiring them. 


LMS has automatic tools that take the legwork and the guesswork out booking a great show and getting the patrons in the door! 


Spend as much or as little time on show management as you want. 

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What will LMS do for Bands and Musicians?

Easy Access to book more shows

1 Click booking request.

Auto Advertising.

Band Management.

Fan Engagement.

Digital Payment and Tip Jar.

Coming Soon -

Hands off Merch

Full EPK's

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Let your voice be heard!  We want to know what YOU want!

Pick your role and tell us what you think!!

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